DIY Steadicam… Y not?

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

I often find myself on set with my $120,000 Steadicam package when a PA, Camera Intern or Extra asks me how much it all costs. After telling them, like clockwork, they usually tell me how they or a friend of theirs is building their own steadicam. I try to explain that there is a world of difference from a DIY steadicam and a pro rig, but most of the time it’s like talking to the wall. It’s a bit insulting… You share with someone the cost of an investment and they basically imply that you could have saved all of that money if you had just been as smart as them or their friend. It would be like asking someone how much their Ferrari was, only to tell them that you built one for $9.99 at home. Not cool.

So how do you avoid this experience? One approach might be to ignore these questions. But thats rude.

You could offer vague responses such as “it costs a lot!” However, that can come across as snide.

I don’t like giving anyone attitude or ignoring questions. So I suggest that you share the information. There are people out there that will appreciate your candor. If you run into the kind of person described above I suggest you simply wish them or their friend the best of luck and end the conversation! Never be rude… One story about a rude Steadicam Op gives us all a bad name.

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