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Garrett Brown, Ryan Coogler, Ben Semanoff, Maryse Alberti, Sylvester Stallone at Museum of Art on "Creed." ~photo courtesy of Barry WetcherBen Semanoff, Camera Operator

Background & Training

Since I can remember, I have been facinated by "Steadicam." Even before I fully understood what 'it' was or how 'it' worked, I was drawn to the concept of being able to move the camera with the freedom and stability that Steadicam offers... however, it wasn't until I attended a Steadicam Operators Association workshop in 2002, that I learned just how seductive the technology is. The lead instructor was Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown. This experience had a profound impact on my life and carreer. I fell in love with Steadicam!

Garrett became a friend and mentor, and offered inspiration in my effort to become the best Steadicam Operator possible. Along the way I've had the opportunity to meet and learn from other great camera operators including Larry McConkey, Mike O'Shea & Jerry Holway. They have provided me with inspiration, mentorship & support... and I try to give back by offering the same to new operators.

In 2004, Garrett invited me to become more familiar with one of his more conteporaty inventions... the SuperFlyCamTM. I leapt at the opportunity, and began learning the system inside and out. I worked with Garrett in the workshop making improvements to the system, and in the field deploying the system. Two years later, my company (ZipCamTM Systems) became the world-wide licenssee of SuperFlyCamTM. We've been around the world flying our lightweight cable camera for major motion pictures and commercials. We continued to forge ahead with the technology, improving SuperFlyCamTM and developing new technology under the ZipCamTM brand. Although we've decided to decommision the system in 2015, the experience was invaluable and we had the opportunity to fly our bird in some pretty cool and remote locations.

Over the past several years I've had the opportunity to work as A-Camera / Steadicam on several successful feature films and episodic TV shows including HBO's "The Leftovers," Showtime's "The Affair," and recently released MGM feature "Creed!"

Along the way, I've been inspired by my mentors, Garrett Brown & Larry McConkey to observe how we use the tools available to us to do our jobs, and recognize when there are better, faster and/or more efficient ways to acheive an end result. My original attemps at this were crude fabrications. However, over the years I've studied CAD, machining techniques & welding, and have become quite competant at envisioning, designing and fabricating new tools and solutions in my own workshop. Over the past couple years I've added two 3D printers to my workshop, and 3D printing has become an important tool in my fabrication workflow.

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