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Ben Semanoff in ring with Gabriel Rosado and Michael B. Jordan on "Creed" filming the Sporino fight oner.  ~Photo courtesy of Barry WetcherWho is Ben Semanoff, S.O.C.

Camera Operator & Steadicam Op

Nearly 15 years of work as a camera op on feature films, episodic TV, music videos & commercials. I'm also a Steadicam operator, in addition to extensive experience with remote heads and other remotely operated camera systems.

I received my training & mentorship from the best Camera Ops & Steadicam Operators around including Garrett Brown & Larry McConkey. These legendary operators have not only inspired me to strive to be the best technically, but also strive to stay on the cutting edge by designing and fabricating my own solutions for increased speed, efficiency & quality of work.

I'm local to New York City & Philadelphia, and available for work on location around the world.


News Updates :

12.2015 - "Creed" getting some great press... especially the two round fight we shot as a oner!
Read more in Variety's "Yes, That Dazzling Boxing Sequence in ‘Creed’ Really Was One Shot"
or Buzzfeed's "Inside the Most OMG Scene in Creed"

11.2015 - "Creed" opens 11.25.2015 - be sure to check it out!

11.2015 - Wrapped on "The Affair" and prepping for HBO's Pete Holmes pilot "Crashing" directed by Judd Apatow

05.2015 - Starting on season 2 of Showtime's "The Affair"

04.2015 - It's a wrap on "Creed"... Look for it this Thanksgiving


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Please contact my agent Wendy Schneider at (818) 222-5200 or by email at

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