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Ben Semanoff on Asher Roth's new Music Video with Steadicam Ultra and Red One camera.NYC Camera Operator

New York City Local

I work in and around New York City as an A-Camera / Steadicam Operator on episodic television (such as Showtime's "The Affair" & HBO's "The Leftovers"), Feature Films (such as Jason Bateman's "The Family Fang"), Mucis Videos (such as Lorde's "Team" & Kid Cudi's "Mr. Rager), and Commercials.

Thanks to New York's tax incentive program, the film industry in NYC has been busy in recent years. Hopefully we continue to attract great films and televisions show to the area.

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NYC News:

05.2015 Joing the crew of critically acclaimed Showtime series "The Affair" for their 2nd Season.

09.2014 HBO's "Crime" finally moves ahead with production after 2-years since pilot. Will be operating A-Camera & Steadicam

08.2014 Starting principal photography on Jason Bateman helmed & starring in feature "The Family Fang." Bateman put together a fun cast including Christopher Walken and Nicole Kidman

07.2014 Wrapped on HBO's "Leftovers!" It was a great season... albeit COLD!

02.2014 HBO's "Leftovers" was picked up and will begin production in February 2014

11.2013 Steadicam Operator on Lorde's new music video for her track "Team"

10.2013 Filling in for a few weeks for Jon Heron on A-Camera at NBC's "Law & Order: SVU"

09.2013 B-Camera / Steadicam Op on Bully Picture's Empire Casino campaign

06.2013 A-Camera / Steaicam Operator on HBO's "The Leftovers" pilot

07.2011 British Pop Icon Nicola Roberts comes to NYC to shoot music video... will Steadicam Op

02.2011 Paradoxial has hired me to operate Steadicam on Kid Cudi's "Mr. Rager."

10.2010 BBGUN shoots Ursus Vodka Spot in Brooklyn, NY

07.2010 Kevin Smith likes to talk... I mean really likes to talk! I'll be in the rig for 6-8 hours during his live performance "Too Fat for 40!"

05.2010 First two BBGUN vids were OK, but this should be fun! A one-er music video for Asher Roth in Long Island City, NY

01.2010 BBGUN has me back for a Donnis Music Video in Manhattan

09.2009 My first job with BBGUN... check them out... cool stuff! I'll be operating Steadicam on a Kidz In The Hall music video.

09.2009 Bollywood returns to NYC! I'll be operating Steadicam on the Yash Raj film Badmaash Company

11.2008 Bollywood loves New York City... Dharma hits the town and has hired me to Steadicam Op on their thriller Kurbaan

08.2008 Yash Raj brings Bollywood to New York in the film "New York."

07.2007 Kevin Smith comes to Red Bank, NJ for a live-to-tape Q&A for Filmmakers Resource

04.2007 Steadicam Operator on CNN Presents: Larry King 50 Years

10.2006 ZipCam on I Am Legend... Shooting in NYC Financial District... Should be fun working for the great Andrew Lesnie!

07.2006 Steadicam Op on NBC's Star Tomorrow hits Manhattan searching out musical talent

04.2006 Another GMA interview with Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, NJ - Steadicam Walk & Talk Interview with Nicole Roberts

11.2005 GMA interviews Garth Brooks in Central Park with Diane Sawyer

04.2005 Trading Spaces brings me to Tribeca from some home renovation Steadicam

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