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Rehearsing a step-off with second team on "Creed" while waiting for dusk.The Philadelphia Camera Op

Philadelphia Born & Raised

Philly is my home town... and also happens to be Steadicam's home town. In 1973 Philadelphia's own, Garrett Brown, invented the Steadicam. In 1975 feature films were ready to give it a shot... and Steadicam got it's debut on movies such as "Marathon Man," "Bound for Glory," and most famously "Rocky!" Since then Steadicam has been a staple on Feature Films, Television Shows, Commercials, Music Videos and much, much more!

I originally trained nearly 15 years ago at a bi-annual workshop held just outside of Philadelphia in Chester Springs. This workshop is run by the Steadicam Operators Association, and was a great jumping off point.

Since then, I've primarily been hired to work outside my home town... but every now and then I get the pleasure of working at home. This past year I had the amazing honor and great pleasure to put my stamp on the Rocky franchise by being hired as the A-Camera/Steadicam Op on the movie "Creed"

"Creed" was an awesome experience. Besides the great crew, and the opportunity to work at home for a while, I had the opportunity to operate Steadicam on a Rocky movie. Fortunately, Director Ryan Coogler had some ambitious ideas! This included shooting a 2-round fight as a oner.

PHL News:

12.2015 - "Creed" getting some great press... especially the two round fight we shot as a oner!
Read more in Variety's "Yes, That Dazzling Boxing Sequence in ‘Creed’ Really Was One Shot"
or Buzzfeed's "Inside the Most OMG Scene in Creed"

11.2015 - "Creed" opens 11.25.2015 - be sure to check it out!

04.2015 - It's a wrap on "Creed"... Look for it this Thanksgiving

08.2012 We begin filming NBC's "Do No Harm in Philadelphia"... I'll be operating A-Camera / Steadicam for the run of show!

05.2010 Steadicam at the Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City, NJ for HSN

10.2009 Filming in AC for a Parx Casino commercial - operating B-Camera

07.2009 Charles Street Films hires ZipCam for Hollywood Casino Commercial near Hershey, PA

02.2009 ZipCam swoops in over rooftops in South Philly for "Law Abiding Citizen"

05.2008 Filling in on B-Camera on "Happy Tears" with Jamie Anderson, ASC in Prospect Park, Philadelphia

11.2007 B-Camera / Steadicam on Steve Mena's prequel "Malevolence: Bereavment" in Allentown, PA

09.2007 Mark Webber coms back to Philly to shoot "Explicit Ills"... I'll be operating A-Camera / Steadicam with DP Patrice Cochet

10.2006 Steadicam in and around Philadelphia on "Bamboo Shark"

02.2006 Steadicam Op on the psychological drama "4th Dimension" shooting in Philadelphia, Doylestown and Quakertown

08.2005 Honored to work on "Steadicam: Then & Now" with Garrett Brown for upcoming 30th Anniversary Rocky DVD release shooting at the Art Museum in Philadelphia, PA

05.2004 Coming in for a few Steadicam Days on "White Men Can't Rap", shooting in Plymouth Meeting, PA

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