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Ben Semanoff with Arri 435 on the Steadicam Ultra Cine on set of the Bollywood feature film "New York."Steadicam Operating

Connecting the Operator to the Camera

Although I work towards the continued mastery of conventional operating techniques such has handheld, studio and remote... I hold a special place in my heart for Steadicam Operating. There is something romantic about Steadicam. The idea of connecting the camera to the operator in such an elegant & seamless way is magic. The coordination between an operator and his dolly grip can be just as magical... however, when in the Steadicam the camera responds precisely, without delay, and allows the operator to move the camera in an intimate way with actors. It's an amazing tool.

My first introduction to Steadicam was at a Steadicam Operator's Association workshop in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. The lead instuctor at the time was Steadicam Operator/Invetnor Garrett Brown. This fantastic experience inspired me to become the best Steadicam Operator possible. It also inspired me to share my knowledge and experience. Working with my alma matter, Temple University, I developed a Steadicam training program.

Over the years I've been inspired and mentored by some of the best Steadicam Operators in the industry including Garrett Brown, Larry McConkey, Mike O'Shea & Jerry Holway. These operators have taught me to push the limits of the technology... and see past the tools and conventions we are accustomed to using.

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