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Taking Steadicam anywhere!  Even off the front of this police boat on the Shuylkill River!Steadicam Owner / Operator

Complete Professional Steadicam Package

My steadicam package has been assembled over 15 years of work as a professional Steadicam Operator, and is designed to provide productions with a highly reliable system of equipment that facilitates fast setup and conversion between modes, stable images, and ruggedness to endure the wide range of enviroments our jobs take us to... see photo on right!

Custom solutions have been designed to increase the speed of deployment when Steadicam is needed, and decrease the time required at wrap to put it to bed. In addition, there is built in redundancy in cables and parts to insure that if anything fails... production will not be slowed down.

Most importantly, everything is included at one flat rate. I own the equipment needed to perform at the highest level, and don't ever want that comprimised by budget.

Above and beyond equipment available on the market, I design and fabricate my own equipment, parts & tools that improve my systems performance, my performance & the camera departments performace. This ultimately leads to faster setups, better operating & great images.

Many young operators think that purchasing a Steadicam... makes you an operator. It doesn't! I'm not just a Steadicam Owner... I'm a Steadicam Operator!

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