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Ben Semanoff high above the set of "The Bledding" on a Giraffe Camera Crane with a Movicam Compact & a monster Anamorphic lens.Affiliations

Partners, Affiliations, Unions & Links

Over the years I've developed partnerships & joined some terrific organizations... so I'd like to point you in their direction!

S.O.C. (Society of Camera Operators)
The Society of Camera Operators began in 1979 as the Society of Operating Cameramen (SOC)—an organization dedicated to the advancement of the art and creative contributions of the Camera Operator in the Motion Picture and Television Industries.

IATSE Local 600
I've been a member and union camera operator since 2004. IASTE Local 600 is an international union of DP's, Camera Operators & Camera Assistants.

GarrettCam.Com is Garrett Brown's official website. It highlights his various inventions which include Steadicam, SuperFlyCam, FlyCam, SkyCam, DiveCam, GoCam, MobyCam & MoleCam!

Ben Semanoff's Steadicam Operator Blog
My blog discusses topics related to Steadicam Operating and conventional camera operating in the film business today. Typical entries discuss Equipment, Technique, General Topics, History and discussions on starting off and getting hired in this business.

Follow Me @Semanoff - my twitter feed offers highlights on jobs I'm involved with, news & general thoughts & insights I might have regarding Steadicam and conventional camera operating.

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