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Yellowjackets is produced by EOne and presented by Showtime. Semanoff was honored to be asked to join the show and direct Ep.202, Edible Complex. Little did he know what this episode had in store for him. Semanoff was being tasked with the challenge of finally giving the show’s hungry audience what it’s been waiting for… the transformation of our stranded teens from nearly dead teens to a wild pack of cannibals. It was a big responsibility and Semanoff was honored and excited to take it on!

Yellowjackets was a great fit for Semanoff. He loved collaborating with the amazing team of creatives which included Showrunner Jonathan Lisco and show creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson… and a few days into filming episode 202, they confirmed that the feelings were mutual when they asked Semanoff if he would like to direct an additional episode in Season 2. This time Ep.205, Two Truths And A Lie. Semanoff couldn’t have been more thrilled and excited to continue working with this amazing team of creatives, a wonderful staff of writers, a stellar cast of both Adult and Teen characters, and a world class crew.